Jonglargonne, l'association des jongleurs de Bordeaux

International Diabolo Association

Diabolo as a leisure

Please find below a document explaining in detais all the benefits of the pratice of diabolo as a leisure. This document has been written by Caroline Becker (sport and circus teacher, I.D.A representant for Belgium) and translated by Priam PIERRET (I.D.A representant for France).

Diabolo as a sport

For now please find below the WJF diabolo judging standards, wrote by Priam PIERRET and Matt Hall in 2004 :

Diabolo as an art

We have to encourage people to consider people as an art of live performance.
I imagine three good tools to encourage people : recommendations, agreements and awards (and we have to agree on the differences between these 3 things).
It could be (but this have to be discussed) :

* Events
* Medias

* Props
* Schools 

* Promoter
* Innovative trick
* Solo Show
* Group Show
* Solo routine
* Group routine
* Video Clip

About last goal (4/), we could supports differents bases of knowledge
* Tricks Directory 
* Diabolists Directory
* Medias Archive
* Shows Archive

These bases have to be open to everybody to be filled as fast as possible, for example using a wiki web software.